Jana Sheinker

Jana Sheinker was born and raised in the New York City area. She received her BFA from Skidmore College with a concentration in Painting and Graphic Design.

Jana worked in the field of Broadcast Design from 1985-2000, designing graphics and commercials for television. Working with photography, film, 3D computer graphics, and motion capture, her keen eye combined these visual elements in broadcast design packages for TV shows and commercial campaigns for networks and advertising agencies. Jana has been recognized with two Emmy Awards for NBC, several Broadcast Design Association Awards for commercial campaigns and an International Monitor Award.

Sheinker continued her education, getting her Masters in Interactive Multimedia Arts at LIU in 2006. She then went on to work with small businesses designing their websites.

For the last several years, Jana has returned her focus and creative energy back to painting. She works primarily in oil on canvas. Jana's artwork strives to depict glimpses of everyday life. The influence of working in a broadcast medium is evident in the composition and subject matter of her paintings. Her bold brush strokes and saturated colors convey the energy of a bright summer day. The play of light and juxtaposition of colors are important elements in her pieces. Time is suspended in Jana's work, a moment that captures both an image and a feeling.